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 Bon-Wook's Posting Title: sales

Posting Title: cosmetics product development(design)/ marketing/ sales

                        cosmetic formulation chemist

Posting Description: cosmetics product development related job

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Name in Full: Koo, Bon-Wook (Mr.)

Date of Birth:  ***, 1970 / Male/ Single

Address: ***, SamHo Garden 3rd Apt. Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Contact info: +82-11-9***-9028 (cell phone)




Jul. 2005 – present         MINETT Co.Ltd.: Cosmetic &Toiletry ingredients business unit

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales & Marketing of C&T Ingredients

(Jul. 2005 –present)

l      Sales activity of C&T ingredients from BASF, CRODA, MERCK and others

l      Technical marketing for local manufacturers: actives & bases


Jul. 2004 – present    MINETT Co.Ltd: cosmetics business unit

Marketing & Development Manager

Marketing of Customized Cosmetics

(Jul. 2004 – present)

l      Development of Customized Cosmetics system.

l      Marketing of Customized Cosmetics system


Dec.2001 – Jun.2004    


                                        Technical Sales & Marketing Team

                                        Fine Chemical Division                           

(Jul. 2003 –Jun.2004)

l      Sales & marketing for new business development

l      New business development by

- targeting No 1 actual customers for specific products:

- diversifying products applications

- development project based direct collaboration with the big

 customers such as Amore Pacific and LG, which provided customer solutions and avoided price competitions:

l      Performed 30% more sales than last 1st half by

l      Budget control, import & inventory/ Distributor & Credit



                                        (Dec. 2001 – Jun. 2003)

l      Sales & marketing of C&T ingredients

l      Sales activities with 6 distributors and 25 end-users

l      Market survey (demand, competition, customer situation) and

building up customer relationships.

l      Recorded 19% more sales in 2003 compared to sales of 2002.


l      Import management of cosmetic ingredients

l      Inventory/ Distributor/ Credit management






Industry Growth(%)

Dec 8 2001

Entered BASF




USD 2.96 mio




USD 3.51 mio



2004 1st half

USD 2.80 mio



2004 Forecast

USD 4.60 mio





Jan. 2001 – Dec. 2001    CJ ENPRANI CORPORATION (Skin Science Institute)

                                        R & D Planning Team

(Sep. 2001 – Dec. 2001)

l      Gathering information: overseas technology, ingredients, finished products, formulation technology

l      Consideration of technology introduction to CJ with co-ordination with other institutions

l      Involved in introduction of a new anti-wrinkle agent called “KINETIN” from SENETEK PLC (UK) for the first time in Korea. “KINETIN” has become the major product of the initial ENPRANI brand.

l      Coordination with R&D, marketing team and sales team in terms of product planning

l      Organized government-financed new technology development program: consortium of CJ R&D Center, Euro Costech Co., and Yonsei Medical University for new generation anti-oxidant agent, “JUMOK”, which was employed in ENPRANI essence products.


                                        Skin Care Team

 (Jun. 2001 – Aug. 2001)

Product Development Team

l      Developed “ENPRANI” brand employing the new process technology, W/O and W/O/W emulsification.


                                        Skin Care Team

(Jan. 2001 – May 2001)

New Product Team

l      Developed new formulation: 1) W/O and W/O/W emulsification (Multi emulsion) 2) concentrated extraction of actives


Jul. 1996 – Dec. 2000    CHEILJEDANG CORPORATION

                                        New Category Team

(Apr. 2000 – Dec. 2000)

Cosmetic and Household Product s R & D Center

l      Development focusing the new ingredients and technology

 (e.g. plant extraction, novel material synthesis)

l      Executed “THAI”traditional plant containing products project

- Development of functional cosmetics containing Thai traditional plant called PUERARIA MIRIFICA of which effects are breast enlarging, anti-wrinkle, and pseudo-VIAGRA due to its property of plant hormone.

- Coordination of issuing Korean patent and contract with a creator from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

- Coordination of organizing consortium of the creator from

Thailand and Yonsei Medical School and Veterinary School

 of Seoul National University and CJ Pharmaceutical

Business Unit.

- Formulation testing and coordination of clinical tests .

- ENPRANI employed the plant active in bust care products.

l      Oral presentation at the 20th IFSCC Congress in Canne, France, Sep 2000:

- Presented an article, “Microencapsulation of Unstable Active Cosmetic Ingredietns.”

- The first technical presentation internationally for Cosmetic Business Unit of CJ Corporation.


                                        Cosmetic Chemist in Skin Care Team

(Jan. 1996 – Apr. 2000)

Cosmetic and Household Product s R & D Center

l      Developed skin care products using “Single Cell technology”

- which is the process to apply fresh vegetables directly into

cosmetic products.

- new Singmulnara brand employed the technology as “fresh vegetables contained” concept

l      Developmed 20 items of skin care products ranging from toner, lotion, cream, serum and facial masks under the brand name of Singmulnara and Daysys.


                                        Marketing Team

(Jul. 1996 –Dec. 1996)

Cosmetic and Household products Division

l      Market and competitor survey and product design of car-related household products

l      Product design of 100% natural plant-origin cosmetics



Mar. 1993 - Aug. 1995   Graduate school of Sogang University

                                        Attained degree of Master of Science in Chemistry:

                                        Major: Organometallic Chemistry (Heterogeneous Catalyst)

- studied catalytic reactions of Iridium metallic by:

 synthesis of benzene from acetylene

 synthesis of carbon black from acetylene

 synthesis of oligomer from acetylene


Mar. 1989 - Feb. 1993    Sogang University

               Attained degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry




l           Excellent in English communicative skill:

TOEIC 920 points / TOEFL 580 points

Business communication experience at BASF & MINETT for 4 years

l           Good in Japanese communicative skill:

Business communication experience with BASF Japan since Asia-Pacific Regional

Technical Center is located in Yokkaichi, Japan and all technical people for the region

are Japanese..

l           Proficiency in Computer Skill: MS Access, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Word, Internet search, Homepage building (Photoshop, Illustrator)

l           Completed BASF Global Method of Marketing Application Training Program held in Shanghai: focus on practical application of mareting methods

l           Completed annual BASF Cosmetic Ingredients Sales Workshop held in HongKong

l           Completed annual BASF Cosmetic Technical Workshop held in Yokkaichi, Japan





How did I prepare a marketing strategy and execute:

1. C&T raw materials market

Currently in C&T raw materials market in Korea, there are a variety of suppliers, their agents, and dealers which lead to a severe competition. Although over 300 C&T manufacturers exist and its market is about 5.7 trillion KRW in 2005, C&T industry is now no more fast-growing market, so the raw materials market has a limited market size.

Thus, I had to approach to the market in a different way according to my situation as a supplier or a dealer.

1.1 Period during BASF Korea as a supplier

C&T raw materials market can be categorized in three groups:

1)active market like retinol and plant extracts has a low volume, a high profit, and a relatively short life cycle

2)active-like base ingredient market such as styling agents and UV filters has a mid-volume, a mid-profit, and a relatively long life

3)base ingredient market like surfactants, oils and waxes has a high volume, a low profit and a long life.

BASF had an advantage in active-like base ingredient market, where it took time to attain a new business while competitors were not easy to take away the existing business. Back then, BASF products passed the maturity stage and entered the decline stage in product life cycle. The products had less differentiation compared to competitors like DSM Roche and ISP. There were less options for promotional tools. I focused on effective management of distribution channel, pricing and diversification of products application as main tools to increase sales.

To enhance a market penetration, I collaborated with effective dealers for specific markets. In the market where BASF is strong, I used dealers who were loyal to BASF. For a new market, I worked with dealers who conducted good technical sales with good customer relationships. For big customers, I made a direct business myself. I made various bundling deals with reasonable price, which ended up gaining sales and profits. I accomplished an increase of sales by converting hair care styling polymers to sun care water-proof polymers and polymers for decorative cosmetics.


 1.2 Period during MINETT as a dealer of C&T ingredients

As a late entrant to dealer market, I needed to make a differentiation. Usually, competitors offer to customers product introductions, price cut-offs then try to build up relationships. I have a capability of offering technical and marketing supports to my customers. The capability was reinforced during my career as a cosmetic formulator then a salesperson & marketing assistant of raw materials. For example, when a customer develops an acne care product, technically I let my customer knows why acne emerges on skin , how they fight against acne with evidences of scientific literatures and how to use raw materials in formulations. In marketing perspective, I show actual examples of local and overseas acne care products in the market with their features like appeal points, consumer approaches.

My differentiated tactic is effective for selling specialty actives and new ingredients. But the company needed cash cow commodity products. I made a segmentation of customers and target of products:

Size of manufacturers

Target products

Time consumed


small and medium sized

Commodity from BASF, Croda, Merck


Product development idea, formulation tips

Big & mass-oriented:

Face shop, Missha, Enprani

Commodity from BASF, Croda, Merck


Price advantages with bundling deals

Big & Prestige-oriented:

Amore Pacific, LG, Coreana

Speicalty from Sederma, VC60, Showa Denko


New technical support


First, I targeted as many small and medium sized customers as possible for well-known products offering my technical support such as products development ideas and formulation tips. Since small and medium sized customers were lack of information, it took less time to sell. And for big and mass-oriented customers, it took some time but less compared to launching new specialty actives. Then big and prestige-oriented customers for the new and high profitable products. I used low profitable products as a promotional tool to sell high profitable in bundling deals.

In case of selling a high-priced product, for example, USD 5,000 per kg, I had to narrow targeted customers, which manufacture and sell prestige brands through department stores or door-to-door sales channel. I focused the product image as Nobel prize winning material for a customer who has a strong selling capability. For whom is technology-oriented, emphasized the novelty and efficacy. After succeeding in selling the product to one of big manufacturers, then it was relatively easy to sell it to others. I realized that there is a limitation of customers and market size for high-priced products so that fast targeting and image-making for each customer matters most.

Eventually I managed MINETT to be perceived as a company which offers technical based benefits to customers and to gain high profit from specialties although it is required to balance profits from commodity sales.


2. C&T market

 2.1 Cosmetic formulator at CJ Enprani

Usually in Korea, cosmetic formulators prepares marketing strategy in terms of product itself. Before working in R&D Center, I experienced in marketing work on natural concept cosmetics and car-related products. During R&D period, I engaged deeply in launching ENPRANI brand, a prestige-concept mass brand of CJ back then. To make consumers understand why ENPRANI differs from other mass products, R&D side had to offer product’s special attributes and images based on ingredients and technologies used.


 2.2 Marketing & developoment manager at MINETT


I was in charge of marketing and developing custom-made system cosmetics at MINETT. MINETT was established to offer customized skin care service to individual consumers through MINETT custom-made cosmetics system. MINETT saw an opportunity of a new market for customized skin care market since consumers are no longer a homogeneous base and they demand specific products to fit their specific needs. Also, product life cycles are significantly shorter ,so existing cosmetics has a limitation to satisfy customers’ demands through simple build-up of ready-made inventories.

MINETT cosmetics system employed assemble-to-order strategy in terms of mass customization concept. Individual consumers are able to configure what their skin needs at order entry. Also they can choose ingredients suitable for their skin types, favorite fragrance and even packaging as commercial products with competitive prices. The system has been designed for individual consumers to check their skin types, purchased items and continue their records of skin check after their purchase.

The product’s initial consumer group was targeted to be late teens and through 20’s since they are very sensitive to the new products and are relatively not loyal to brand products. The product system is differentiated but is perceived as an innovative product so that I targeted  retailers who seek the new and innovative thing. I have been contacting retailers who will employ MINETT system in their shops. Also I used key word search advertisement in the portal site, DAUM in order to seek retailers.


The Reason Why I apply for Your Organization

I am very pleased to apply for your organization.Working for your organization would be an ideal opportunity to contribute to your organization with my experiences and capabilities of cosmetics marketing, C&T raw material technical marketing & sales for about 10  years at local and multinational companies.


I also appreciate your concern.


BW Koo